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I must be off my meds again. 
What the hell am I doing? 

This 1977 440/727 RC will go from well built to just plain silly!

Believe it or not this is the BEFORE picture. This truck was already well built, Shaggy's built at that but now it's going to the next level. Up front the frame will get boxed. New front, engine and trans crossmembers. We're making custom tube shock hoops and the suspension pivot points are all changing radically. Out back it's all Monster Rear! This is a '77 so for all you that have been waiting for the 74-80 RC Monster rear plans they will be available soon. The truck already has a cage we installed a couple of years ago but the front half it getting changed and a custom dash is going in for more visibility and glove box access. The fun doesn't stop there either. For that you'll just have to stop back in for the next installment of Ultimate Ramcharger!


Here are a few pics of what we have done so far.


MVC-625F.JPG (95212 bytes)

Can your RC do tricks?

MVC-627F.JPG (85558 bytes)

30 years of mud and grease HAVE to go!

MVC-626F.JPG (73916 bytes)

Might as well rebuild everything while we're at it.

MVC-629F.JPG (94917 bytes)

Firewall Before

MVC-633F.JPG (72000 bytes)

Firewall After. This is where the batteries are going to go. This does not show the two holes for the heater hoses.

MVC-634F.JPG (72464 bytes)

Custom heater box. 

MVC-637F.JPG (74614 bytes)

New front crossmember. 3/8" wall DOM ought to hold up, huh?

New Additions 1/23 MVC-639F.JPG (68330 bytes)

New front body mounts


MVC-643F.JPG (98680 bytes)

New front spring hanger crossmember


MVC-646F.JPG (77622 bytes)

All welded in and 5/8" forward from stock. I couldn't decide on 3/4" or 1/2" so I split the difference

MVC-649F.JPG (59275 bytes)

Starting work on the new engine crossmember. People give me crap because I save too much old junk. This crossmember came out of an old RC I used to have. Sure was nice to have!

MVC-652F.JPG (63305 bytes)

New tube crossmember is made of .250" wall 1 1/2" DOM tube. I'm using spring bushings for the engine mounts. Beefy!

MVC-651F.JPG (68583 bytes)

Full pen welds, nothing but the finest!

MVC-653F.JPG (60797 bytes)

All welded and smoothed. Ready to be cut to length and have the bushing put on. That's tomorrow......

MVC-654F.JPG (76787 bytes)

New Motor Mounts

MVC-655F.JPG (61927 bytes)

Bonus, It clears the oil pump!

MVC-656F.JPG (61257 bytes)

Tranny Mount

OUCH.JPG (18108 bytes)

Nuff said (not my thumb, it's the owners. Who says engineers don't get their hands dirty?)

MVC-660F.JPG (72247 bytes)

One thing about custom, there is a LOT of test fitting. Here we are setting the engine crossmember and motor mounts. It looks good from here but..... read on. 

MVC-661F.JPG (70962 bytes)

Side shot of the mounts and crossmember

MVC-662F.JPG (86061 bytes)

It just feels good to be putting parts BACK ON the truck finally, even if I did have to take to motor right back out.

MVC-663F.JPG (81780 bytes)

Crossmember set, time to weld! We are welding the tube to the inside of the frame rails and then plating around them. Should be SUPER STRONG!

MVC-664F.JPG (79330 bytes)

No more wiggles! The frame was like a wet noodle without this crossmember. Now it's got no more movement. 

MVC-665F.JPG (114816 bytes)

The driver side is the trickier rail to plate. Since this truck will start life with stock type steering and get cross-over steering later we have to leave access for all the holes. 

MVC-667F.JPG (83658 bytes)

Here is where the shackle pivot has moved to. 2" up and 1" forward. More about this later.

MVC-668F.JPG (78919 bytes)

Passenger side rail all plated and painted. 

MVC-669F.JPG (71741 bytes)

Inside shot

MVC-671F.JPG (71686 bytes)

Firewall all slicked and painted.

MVC-672F.JPG (102653 bytes)

Frame is now finished too. There are all 5 holes for the steering box, all with sleeves for max strength. The 6th hole there is for the shock hoops. 

MVC-675F.JPG (60021 bytes)

Better shot of the firewall and the old heater box hole. This is the finish paint. It's Dove Gray to keep it clean and bright under the hood. Kind of a racing thing.... One of the many personalities this truck will have when completed.

MVC-679F.JPG (56939 bytes)

Tranny Rebuild Time. I used Kevlar bands and Red Alto Clutches we got from Oregon Performance Transmission. You can find them on eBay or do a Google search for them. Nice guys.

MVC-680F.JPG (77401 bytes)

It's finally time to drop the motor back in. See the new B&M flex plate. That was because we went with a 13" TCI converter that has the 11 1/4" bolt pattern, or so we thought.....

MVC-681F.JPG (73496 bytes)

Oh how pretty, sure would be nice it it fit. The pilot stub in the front of the converter won't fit a cast crank. It fit my forged crank 440 but it's just a little too big for the cast crank. I used a Hughes Fuel Miser instead. Good to have spare parts laying around, huh?

MVC-682F.JPG (81446 bytes)

Finally in and just before it got dark. We thought it would be in by 11:00 am. I must be smoking crack! No motor EVER goes in when the sun is still up.

MVC-683F.JPG (67247 bytes)

Pretty motor mounts, wish they fit. I had to cut them back out to square up the trans. Measure 27 times, weld once!

MVC-684F.JPG (93927 bytes)

Finally on all four. The suspension picked up about 3" of down travel over the old Rancho 4" springs. 

MVC-685F.JPG (75648 bytes)

Here are the shackles and new pivot points. The shackles are 5 3/4" C-C and seem to look almost stock there.  They sure don't work like stock!

MVC-688F.JPG (58812 bytes)

Here is that shackle with all the weight on the front end. The angle is just how I planned it. FINALLY, I get lucky! It's funny, the harder I work the luckier I get.

MVC-686F.JPG (71542 bytes)

Look ma, no jack stands! These aren't the fenders it will be running. Those will go on after it stops raining. It's starting to look like a truck again!!!!!!

MVC-687F.JPG (70301 bytes)

Just a shot of the motor. Ain't it purrty

MVC-689F.JPG (77613 bytes)

Front core support mounts with 1" body lift built in and 1" spacer. Fit like I had planned it or something.

March 1st deadline? I can forget that dream. Maybe March 12th if I'm lucky. So far I haven't been very lucky. Maybe I should be working harder. Nah......
MVC-690F.JPG (71124 bytes)

New front cages tubes. The old tubes were too far in towards the center and blocked the view out the windshield. Anyone who has tried to build a cage with the stock dash in place knows what I mean.

MVC-691F.JPG (78764 bytes)

Side shot, as you can see, no dash yet. That will be built to clear the cage. This truck will be running and driving in two weeks? I must be insane! 

MVC-694F.JPG (61653 bytes)

Started on the tire carrier too. It will lay forward with the tailgate off, straight up and swing open from a pivot on the side with the tailgate on and be able to fold all the way back to act as a ramp to load a dirt bike. 007's Ramcharger!

MVC-697F.JPG (75248 bytes)

Front fenders are getting seriously opened up. I took off 2" all the way around and a ton off the front too. The side light has to be removed so I filled the hole. A small light will go in to keep it legal, in theory. 

MVC-698F.JPG (74285 bytes)

Here it is all ground down but still looking like my dog chewed on it ( and I don't even HAVE a dog!). About two more hours of body work left before this fender was ready for paint. I hate body work! Why do they have to be steel? I vote for fiberglass!

MVC-701F.JPG (38267 bytes)

Here you can see how much is actually missing from the fenders. The trick will be getting the fender wells to match the fenders now. The also stick out almost 2" further than stock. This will keep them legal on the street but require a bit more care on tight trails.

MVC-699F.JPG (66691 bytes)


MVC-700F.JPG (57353 bytes)


MVC-702F.JPG (65203 bytes)

Just a shot of the inside. The same gray paint as the firewall. Fender wells will be painted too as soon as they are cut, welded and fit to the new fenders. The dual battery tray goes in the back corner on this side too. That is just about done now too. I'll post pics soon.


If you've been wondering what happened to this project and why there are no new updates here is your answer. Unfortunately I suffered a pretty bad injury around March 1st. I torn a muscle in my thigh and it's taken a lot longer than I could have ever imagined to heal. I'd like to say it's better now (May 29) but I'm still on limited duties if I want to avoid surgery (and I do!). The project will get done eventually but there is no time frame for completion right now. I'm sorry for the delay, nobody wants this truck done more than I do. Well, maybe the owner.......Poor guy. Anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. More as soon as I have some news or more pictures.

2/8/07 Sadly the leg never really got back to a useful condition and the city of Lake Forest doesn't like 1/2 finished projects laying around so the truck has now gone home and on to another person to finish the job. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of the truck when it's completed but this is the end of my part of the build. 


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