1979 Dodge/Plymouth Truck

 Factory Service Manual

Various sections of this manual for all 79 Dodge/Plymouth Trucks

I  have scanned a few pages from the 79 Dodge FSM regarding the wiring of these trucks. I also included the section on ignition wiring and components. If you need a section from this book please let me know and I'll post it here as soon as I can. This is a WELL used book so some pages are in rough shape. They are still usable, just not pretty. 


Section 0 Lubrication

Section 1 Accessories

Section 2 Front Suspension

Page 1 2wd Front Suspension

Page 10 4wd Front suspension / 44FBJ Axle

Section 3 Rear Axle

Section4 Parking Brakes

Section 5 Service Brakes

Section 6 Clutch

Section 7 Cooling System

Section 8 Electrical

Page 52 Electronic Ignition

Page 147 Diagrams Intro

Page 150 Complete Chassis Without 117 alt

Page 168 Aux Wiring Diagrams

Section 9 Engine

Section 11 Exhaust - Intake Manifold

Section 13 Frame Structures

Section 14 Fuel System

Section 16 Propeller Shaft - Universal Joints

Section 17 Springs - Shocks

Section 19 Steering

Section 21 Transmission

Section 22 Wheels - Tires

Section 23 Body

Section 24 Heaters and Air Conditioning

Section 25 Emissions Control Systems


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