EZ YJ Floor Repair

When removing the carpet from my YJ I was greeted with this sight, oh no!

By Wayne Swanson



First things first, I made an exacting cardboard template of the area to be repaired.





Then there was the search for parts. Luckily there was a complete parts car in the next stall.





Upon inspection I found some more parts to use later.






Anyway, back to work. Using a screwdriver I traced the pattern onto a suitable piece of scrap.





Then using a jigsaw, hammer and screwdriver I freed my new floor from the scrap.





Next I used the same tools and trimmed the tub on the YJ.





Trial fit says ‘perfect’!





Since the trimming went all the way to the outer tub, a little angle iron was used for support.





Make sure to use something to protect the paint on the outside.





Then crank up that welder. Repeated blows with a hammer keep the new floor flush with the old one as well as adding a nice textured, non-slip surface.





Unfortunately, some of the rust crept up the side of the tub as well. So much for protecting the paint.





A little grinding reveals a larger tender spot than originally thought. Good thing I have more scrap.





I used a little less hammer work here, after all this is on the outside.





A little POR 15 goes a long way…





on the inside as well.





Next, a little seem sealer and all is as good as new.


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